Tourist Destinations Nusa Penida Which are Located Nearby

Tourist Destinations Nusa Penida Which are Located Nearby – Nusa Penida is a small island near the island of Bali. At present Nusa Penida is on the rise among tourists because of its amazing charm. Here you can find various tourist destinations Nusa Penida with sights that will make your sense of fatigue disappear instantly. How not, a calm atmosphere with waves rolling on the beach will make you feel more comfortable and relaxed. If you visit this place you can visit several places at once because it is indeed the place that is nearby.

Some tourist attractions in Nusa Penida have an adjacent location, so it’s a shame if you miss one of them.

1. Suwehan Beach

If you want to enjoy a quiet beach on Nusa Penida then, Suwehan Beach is a beach that is suitable for you to visit. This tourist spot in Nusa Penida is located on the southeastern tip of Nusa Penida Island so tourists rarely visit it. Apart from being far away, the journey that must be traveled to arrive at Suwehan will decrease and the road surface is full of rocks and gravel. After that you still have to walk for 30 minutes down the very steep stairs.

Tourist Destinations Nusa Penida – Suwehan Beach

But all tired during the trip will disappear when they have set foot in the fine sand of Suwehan Beach and eyes are enchanted by the blue of the water. The main attraction of tourist destinations Nusa Penida is the presence of a large rock on the edge of the beach that is shaped like a mountain in puppet. This stone is the icon of Suwehan Beach so often referred to as Volcom Beach.

2. Abangan Hills

Abangan Hills is one of the tourist destinations Nusa Penida which is located right before Suwehan Beach. This tourist attraction is located on the left side of the road with a sign that is large enough so that it will not be difficult to find it. Who would have thought in Nusa Penida which is a paradise for beaches and beautiful seas there is a beautiful hill with views that are no less fascinating. From the top of the tourist attractions in Nusa Penida you can see a stretch of rice terraces typical of Bali and the high seas. The combination of blue and green scenery becomes very harmonious and beautiful from the top of the hill.

Tourist Destinations Nusa Penida – Abangan Hills

3. Tree Houses and Thousand Islands

tourist attractions in Nusa Penida are beginning to rise because there is a house on a tree that can be rented and used to spend the night here. This tree house is certainly more special because it is located on the edge of a cliff with a direct view of Seribu Island. If you want to stay at this Tree house, make sure if you have booked it through an online site in advance. That’s because there are only one tree house here and it’s always full because there are many who want to rent. This Tree House is located in the Atuh Raja Lima area, which is between Suwehan Beach and Ampoak Bee. Upon arrival in the Parking area, you must walk down for approximately 20 minutes to arrive at the Tree house.

Tourist Destinations Nusa Penida – Tree Houses Nusa Penida Island

The adjacent location between tourist destinations in Nusa Penida with one another will make it easier for you to spend time. You can enjoy many locations at once without having to travel a lot of time. Of course it makes your time more effective because in a short time you can visit many tourist attractions. To simplify this, of course you must find out more about the attractions that you will visit. This can anticipate that when you arrive in Nusa Penida you have no direction or destination.

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