Nusa Penida Tourism Package To Know Balinese Hindu Culture

Nusa Penida Tourism Package To Know Balinese Hindu Culture – Nusa Penida is not much different from the island of Bali, which has a majority Hindu community. it can be seen by the many temples that we can meet in Nusa Penida. Uniquely, not only is the natural scenery of Nusa Penida beautiful but the temples here are also interesting to visit. If you want to get to know more about the culture and customs of the Hindu Balinese people, there is nothing wrong if you visit one temple here. You can choose the Nusa Penida tour package that provides tourist destinations for interesting temples to visit.

Here are some temples that you can choose from in Nusa Penida tour packages so that you can get to know the Hindu Balinese community more closely.

1. Pura Paluang

This temple is unique so it’s a pity if you don’t visit it when choosing the Nusa Penida tour package. This temple is considered unique because it has a shape like a German Beatle VW car. Because of this the temple gets the nickname of the temple car from the community. You will not find temples like this elsewhere because, there is only one in the world. When visiting, you will be required to use traditional belts and fabrics.

2. Pura Dalem Ped

Pura Dalem Ped or by the community also called the temple penataran ped is the largest temple complex in Nusa Penida. So it will be very interesting if you enter it in the list of attractions in your Nusa Penida tourism package. In this place you can find 4 temple complexes namely, Pura Segara, Pura Taman Sari, Pura Ratu Dalem Gede and Pura Penataran Agung. If you want to do a prayer in this place, it must be sequential in the four temples.

3. Goa Giri Putri Temple

Giri Putri Cave Temple is one of the unique temples because it is located in a cave with a small entrance to the cave. Even if seen, people with large postures will not fit into it. However, it is believed by the community if it is intended to pray, the person can still enter. If you are curious you can choose the Nusa Penida tour package that can bring you here. Even though in the cave, this temple is capable of loading hundreds of people because the cave is quite wide. If you want to get to the temple that is here, visitors must be willing to pass hundreds of stairs.

Nusa Penida Tourism Pura Goa Giri Putri

4. Puncak Mundi Temple

Besides being able to enjoy the enchanting natural beauty, with the Nusa Penida tour package you can also visit its religious tourism which is considered unique. If you come to this place, you will be presented with two sights, namely, the beauty of the temple and the cool scenery around the temple that you can enjoy. Because this temple is at an altitude, you can see the surrounding scenery that looks beautiful and soothing. Even if you are lucky, you can watch traditional ceremonies that are routinely held every 210 days.

Nusa Penida Tourism  Nusa Penida Tourism pura puncak mundi nusa penida bali

The temples in Nusa Penida have their own beauty and uniqueness that should be one of the destinations when traveling to this place. If you are on vacation with a travel agent, then you can choose the Nusa Penida tour package that makes the temple a tourist destination. Besides being able to enjoy the beauty and uniqueness of the temple, you can also learn the culture of Hindu Balinese. So you can take a vacation while increasing your insight, very interesting right?

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