Nusa Penida Beach That Has Not Been Visited Much, It’s Amazing!

Nusa Penida Beach That Has Not Been Visited Much, It’s Amazing! – Nusa Penida is an archipelago, no wonder this place has many beaches that can be visited. There are several beaches that are indeed a favorite of many tourists such as angel’s billabong, pasih uug, kelingking beach, and crystal bay. But there are also some other amazing beaches that have not been visited by many tourists. Of course this beach has a beauty that is not inferior to other Nusa Penida beaches that have often been visited by tourists.

Check out some of Nusa Penida beaches that are still beautiful and haven’t been visited by many tourists.

1. Beach Pandan

Pandan Beach is a Nusa Penida beach whose location is quite hidden. So to get there you have to travel with a terrain that is quite difficult to pass. Therefore, you must be in a physical condition that is fit if you want to follow the trekking route to Nusa Penida Beach. The path that passes through is a hilly area that is difficult to pass. You can see the view from the top of the hill like watching the view on Pulau Wayag in Raja Ampat.

With beautiful scenery around, 30 minutes of trekking will not be tiring. This Nusa Penida beach is also a beach that is deserted by visitors. That is because tourists will think again when going to this place because the terrain is quite sulky. Therefore, if you have arrived at this place, you should not be surprised if it feels like a private beach. This beach is very suitable for fishing and staying. You can set up a tent and make a campfire to spend the night.

2. Diamond Beach

This beach usually can only be enjoyed by visitors from above. Many tourists take advantage of the beauty of Nusa Penida Beach as a backdrop for photo spots. But now, by the local residents who manage this diamond beach attraction, the karst cliffs around the beach are cut and formed into a ladder. This certainly makes access to the beach. Thus tourists today can enjoy the beach up close and not just see the beauty of Diamond Beach from a distance. If you want to get to this place then you have to go down the cliff with a height of approximately 50 meters. After setting foot on the beach, you can feel the softness of the white sand and play the turquoise sea water that is so clear.

3. Lumangan Beach

Lumangan Beach is also one of the beaches of Nusa Penida that has natural beauty and a calm atmosphere. The situation is still very beautiful and natural because it is still empty of visitors and not many tourists know this place. The main attraction of this place is the cave and sand beach that you can use to swim at low tide. The location is actually not so far from the favorite beach in Nusa Penida. Because to reach this place you only need to pass a bumpy road from Kelingking Beach for about 15 minutes.

Some of these beaches do have natural beauty that has not been touched by human hands. But to be able to go to some of these beaches you also need extra energy and excellent body condition. Although passing through a fairly difficult terrain but your fatigue will pay off with the beauty of Nusa Penida beach which is still natural and soothing. For those of you who don’t like crowds while traveling, some of these beaches can be the right choice when spending time in Nusa Penida.

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